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Finally, a Valentine’s Day gift idea for her, with a difference.

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the race to find an even better gift #valentinesdaygift than last year is on. 

At the beginning of a relationship, the Valentine’s Day gifts are easy to come by; first a Valentine’s day card, then a bunch of red roses, a box of chocolates, a romantic dinner etc. but over the years these gifts lose their appeal and the race begins to find more exciting presents each year to express your love for your special one.

Fret no more…. There is a new gift idea with a difference available for just under £50 that certainly will impress.

With the top 5 things in a healthy relationship being Self-love, Trust, Honesty, Communication and Support (according to internet sources), why not give her a Valentine’s Day gift that she really wants?

She loves going to the theatre and other cultural events, but you don't? You might rather stay in than trying this fancy restaurant around the corner she hinted at for months? Or do you prefer not to join creative classes or talks which she would love to attend on a regular basis?

Well, then demonstrate that you really understand her by giving her a gift voucher for her dream activities this year and let us organise a female Companion to accompany her to these events, instead?

The team at Plus One Concierge has set itself the task to proactively get women out of the house more often. From secret tours around the London culture scene, to museum trips, exhibition visits or recommendations for these hard-to-come-by dining experiences, the concierge team is always full of new ideas.

Rather than sending your partner to these activities alone, Plus One Concierge also matches the right expert Companion to ensure support and a fun conversation throughout the activity. All Companions are carefully selected, cultural and lifestyle savvy as well as caring and just fun to be with.

If this sounds like the perfect gift for your loved one then visit or call the Concierge Desk to purchase a voucher, and we will be able to get your "better half" out and about in no time.

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