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About Plus One Concierge

The Plus One Concierge helps women to overcome social isolation and take an active part in life again by offering to organise high-quality activities with trustworthy female companionship. 

It is not only a concierge service but a concierge service for women offering a female companion to accompany you to any event or activity.

The main focus is on women that are not in need of care but have the drive and means to enjoy the finer things in life,  just lacking a companion to enjoy it with.

Being the first prestigious concierge service for women, we promise to always supply an ethical, exclusive and high-level female companionship and concierge service.

About us
The Team

About The Team

The Concierge team is devoted to help women to take a more active part in life again.

We work to enrich the lives of our members through meaningful experiences and regular social activities and redefine dynamic living in a fuller life.

Our proactive concierge service recommends a range of diverse activities on a regular basis and selects the most suitable and expert companion on your behalf. 

We will promptly deal with your requirements on your behalf. You will only ever speak to your personal concierge to build a long - lasting relationship in order for the team to get a clear understanding of your preferences.

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A specialist team with passion 

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