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Our Concierge Services

We can recommend and organise the below activities and more, as part of our Concierge Service.


Coffee with Macaroons


Starting your day with a delicious breakfast or brunch in one of the local cafes whilst being in deep conversation with your companion.

Fresh Feta Salad


From a casual local pub lunch to a Michelin star lunch in a restaurant, the companion accompanies you from your doorstep to the restaurant and back.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Why not spend a leisurely afternoon in a 5* hotel and enjoy afternoon tea and music with a companion.

Our concierge team are always in search of the best deals.

Set Table


Our dedicated concierge team are at hand to recommend, manage and introduce you to new dining experiences as well as reserve tables at local restaurants.

Cultural/ Historic

Cultural/ Historic

Ballet Dancers


Our specialist concierge service can source and book prime tickets for Opera, Theatre, Classical Concerts, Musicals, Seasonal Events and more.

People in Museum


Finding interesting places is one of our specialty, so let a companion join you on a trip to a museum, historic National Trust site, vernissage, outdoor and seasonal event.

Working on a Pottery Wheel


We can find courses for you to attend, from painting, pottery and other recreational classes to topical talks and poetry and discussion forums.

Home Support

Home Support

domestic Tasks by Companion

Domestic Tasks

Our specialist concierge service can recommend and organise services for your house, for example cleaning, gardening, plumbing, and more.

Personal Service via Companion

Personal Service

From personal shopping trips to house or pet sitting and dog walking, a companion can attend to all your personal needs.

Transport for Companion


If by boat, plane or car, the specialist concierge service is happy to plan your next journey even if it is only around the corner.

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