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The One Thing You Should Do in 2019

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

We all set new year's resolutions #NewYearResolutions2019 year on year but find we hardly ever get around to tick them off the list during the following 12 months. Improving overall health, going to museums, testing the new restaurant around the corner, attending more cultural events, going to the theatre/ opera, or just getting around to redesign the garden or improve the house are some of the activities on most lists. But why are we so reluctant to make them happen this year? Help is at hand with this #newbusiness.

Here is one action you should take this year to get out of the house more often and lead a more active and exciting life.

dog wants to go for a walk

With recent health studies verifying a link between being socially active and improved health, the team at Plus One Concierge has set itself the task to proactively get women out of the house more often.

For as little as £28.80 per week, the concierge team sets weekly tailor-made plans for the clients and organises activities appropriate for the agility, taste and budget of each member - life will never be boring again.

From secret tours around the London culture scene, to free museum, exhibition visits or recommendations for these hard-to-come-by dining experiences, the concierge team is always full of surprises.

Rather than sending you to these exciting activities alone, however Plus One Concierge also matches the right expert Companion #companionship with the member and activity type to ensure support and a fun conversation throughout the activity. All Companions are carefully selected, cultural and lifestyle savvy as well as caring and just fun to be with.

Does this sound like the New You in 2019?

Then visit or call the Concierge Desk to join as a member, and we will be able to get you out and about by next week.

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